Video: A faster way to prototyping, testing and building your digital projects.

Are you dreaming of, or even planning a digitalisation project, but not quite sure where to start? Well, even if if just a vague idea, you should see this!

Traditional custom development projects often have extended development times, and it’s hard to know exactly what you will get before your application is built. And when it’s done, you’ll find that changes and updates are demanding to implement. What if there was an alternative where you could focus more on strategy, ideation, and the go-to-market phase, and less on the actual development? What if you could bring a prototype, or even a final product, to market in… no time?

Join Innocode, Appfarm, and Morescope in a talk about alternatives to conventional development approaches.

Some topics:

  • Streamlining the creation of custom, user-friendly applications.
  • Speeding up the development cycle.
  • Ensuring smooth integration of new solutions with existing infrastructure.
  • Achieving quicker digital transformation without compromising scalability, security, or performance.
  • Simplifying the innovation process by emphasizing concept development over complex production activities.


We’ll also dive into, a sustainability dashboard that showcases the effectiveness of streamlined methods. offers detailed analyses of climate impacts, aiding businesses and investors in making greener choices.

Watch the webinar (on LinkedIn):

Kjell-Vidar Åhman Teig

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Thomas Hesselberg

Sales Engineering Lead at Appfarm

Jonas Aakenes

Product Manager


AntiLoop – a climate tool for children and youth

AntiLoop is a digital tool designed and developed for children and youth. Using data from IoT sensors placed around and inside schools, students get insight into how daily behavior and activities affect the climate around them.


Yulieta we believe in taking responsibility for our output and its effect on the world. To emphasise this, we started Yulieta as campaign concept to remind us and our clients on taking sustainability seriously, and also use this as a leading start for our brand and products into the future. Through yulieta we want to focus more on sustainability.

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