No code and low code

What is it and why do we like it?

No-code development wasn’t treated seriously enough just years ago, especially by the software developers. Typical skepticism about the limitations of such platforms, scalability, and dependency on the single vector was widely spread. You can say ‘alright, this is a tool for people who will never learn to code, but we coders will build something real’. 

But how to address typical developer’s struggles on building the same functionality over and over again when the new project starts?

How to address a client’s struggle when it takes weeks to build just a skeleton of the project? To navigate through the different terms, team roles and requirements?

CTO’s word:

When I was invited to the meeting with Appfarm, Norwegian no-code platform for enterprise, I was rather skeptical. Learn yet another proprietary tool? Struggle with its limitations? But right after digging into the capabilities of the platform, well thought user interface and set of beautiful built-in components I really fell in love with it. 

Being a boutique company it means that most of my colleagues are always busy. When i want to build a prototype of a new service, partner integration, i will need to involve devops colleagues to setup the server and deployments, designer to make prototypes, frontend developers to make layout from prototypes, and then myself doing some backend coding. Suddenly I’m able to do it all by a matter of clicks together with our business analyst. 

Nowadays most of the software pieces are connected and talking with other software systems. Most of the software has some kinds of workflows that should be automated. That’s what is at the core of no-code platforms. 

We feel that the no-code & low-code platforms are a good addition to our culture and methodology and yet another step in building better software. With their help, we are able to build better software together with our clients, ship it faster, get feedback faster and in the end provide a better product to the end users.

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