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At the heart of Yulieta

Lot’s of people believes that the locations for IT-workers are skyscrapers with transparent walls and huge windows. Such a technological park. But as it turned out, the old house with a bunch of hidden places, stained-glass windows and creaky stairs, is also a good place for an IT company.

How it all started…

It all started from Julian Zakharevych, who was born at 17th July 1837 in Lviv. This year is 182 anniversary from his birthday. No, he wasn’t an IT-programmer, perhaps, if he lived in our time, then he would have thought about such a perspective, maybe even would like to become an Innocode Ruby developer 🙂

He was a famous Lviv architect, super prestigious profession in that time, because education was very expansive. Professional education Zakharevych took in Wien, Austria, instead of Lviv technical school (National University «Lviv Polytechnic» — now), which he finished before.

Julian Zakharevych


Zakharevych designed the main building of the Lviv Polytechnic, the Church and the monastery of the Franciscan sisters, a lots of villas in the Lviv region of Kastelivka, including the villa Yulietka, which became his second home and much more buildings, but we don’t want to be Wikipedia. When you walk down the streets in city center and near, you can easily find his unique projects.

Yulietka was built during 1891–1893, in an early secession style. The Yulietka’s style is often called as Lviv secession. Truly secession is an Austrian modern style, which combines the contemporary of that time, but remained a plastic style, with characteristic smoothness and decorative character.

Yulietka is similar to a real castle, which stretches out on a small hill. And it’s really seemed like castle in Zakharevych’s time, because Kastelivka was famous, rich and unbuilding region.

Original Yulietka’s drawings by Zakharevych

Probably you want to know how we picked up this building for office. Our COO Iryna Nahorna tells:

“It was an old Innocode’s dream to live in a private house. But when time comes we were consider different options and were maximally open to all ideas. After checked out a lot of offices, we dwell on two options — rent a room at the REMA Factory or villa Yulietka.

The REMA factory attracted us very much because of it “inhabitants”, we wanted to be a part of creative energy that eddys there. It was an idea that our company would also be part of that creative flow, and we’ll work together on new ideas and projects and this will be interesting to our people. But there were disadvantages: uncomfortable location for most of our colleagues, and the premises needed major overhaul, which could took year or even a few.

Villa Yulietka is located in the perfect place for us, besides having a huge and cozy adjoining territory. But house was needed repairing work also, so we were doubt on will we have enough time to pay attention to the office.

Yulietka’s observation deck, 1927

The decisive factor taken for the “Project Julietka» was enthusiasm and support of colleagues and friends. The CODA design team on a volunteer basic consult and support us throughout the whole repair period.

They respectfully relate to the legacy of Julian Zakharevich, and we are “infected” with that respect too.

We are convinced that we made a right choice. Our colleagues love villa not just as office, but spend weekends here with family and friends, arranging barbecues and picnics. We work together to equip our office — who makes furniture for yard, who mows grass, gives a tree or hammock, everyone helps in his way.”

Villa Yulietka is a real IT-home. There is even a cat, which, incidentally, lived here long before the Innocode. Who knows, maybe this cat met Zaharevych, 9 lives and so on… 🙂

It’s important to us to save that building maximum as it was built.

Interesting fact: Zakharevich was called the Knight of Lviv Architecture and have a part to his second name — Lvivgrud, because of his love to Lviv.


AntiLoop – a climate tool for children and youth

AntiLoop is a digital tool designed and developed for children and youth. Using data from IoT sensors placed around and inside schools, students get insight into how daily behavior and activities affect the climate around them.


Yulieta we believe in taking responsibility for our output and its effect on the world. To emphasise this, we started Yulieta as campaign concept to remind us and our clients on taking sustainability seriously, and also use this as a leading start for our brand and products into the future. Through yulieta we want to focus more on sustainability.

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