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From information to communication

There are many parts in an innovation project, from idea to the last piece of code. Everything seems to fall in place, but one important part is often neglected or down prioritised; how do you present, sell, and make your innovation desirable? Finding proof of concept.

From information to communication

We often talk to startups, innovation and impact companies through different networks and incubators about this topic. We are proud to be working with actors such as UiO Growth House (Veksthuset for verdiskaping), Fagskolen Kristiania and Charge Incubator.

The UiO Growth House contribute to strenghten innovation culture and through a pilot with researchers developing apps, we help the researchers at UiO finding the best possible way to communicate their research and ideas. Turning their information into communication. Finding proof of concept for their mature early-stage ideas.

“A very good workshop series. Lots of useful knowledge and exercises, and great to be challenged to define arguments, USP, elevator pitch, and similar. Looking forward to the continuation.”

Vidar Ulset – Associate professor at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Charge Incubator is a startup incubator specifically designed for immigrants who dream of turning their ideas into successful businesses.

Thank you, Kjell and Nina Snemyr Kringlen, for the dynamic workshops and for making each session both insightful and fun!!! It was delightful and very helpful.

Tatiana Masoco – Data Scientist I Machine Learning I Artificial Intelligence I Entrepreneur

There is a recipe for a bulletproof concept

«As an innovator you are on a journey, from having an idea to making it a reality. You’ve worked hard during the initial phases of your project. You have an idea on WHAT you want to do, some thoughts about WHAT message you want to convey. Now it’s time to nail your WHAT and figure out HOW you should communicate it in a way that move people.»

Kjell-Vidar Åhman Teig – innovation lead @ Yulieta

Together, through a series of workshops, we explore the core of your concept. We ask a million questions about your idea, about competitors, market, goals and ambitions, personality, target group, culture, differentiation, positioning and more. First we search for a lot of options and then we try to boil it all down into a core message, a phrase which is the absolute essence of your concept. The reason why your concept is a winner. That is your what. And have the arguments to back it up!

In the second phase we dive into how you should communicate your what whether its a conversation, a presentation, a prototype, landing page or an investor pitch. How do you add that emotional layer to your information that makes it resonate with your target audience?

Ask every questions, even the stupid ones

We have a million more questions about personas, user stories, functionality, integrations, security, data, tech setup and more. We talk a lot about user experience (UX). Further we move to the more visual part of the project – user interface (UI). What are your tones of voice? What images do you use? Why? Colours, fonts, icons and elements… Why? What words should you use and what is a visual hierarchy? What tool are there to help you out in this phase? All of this, and more will be thoroughly explored and discussed throughout the program.

 Thanks to the support and guidance of the good people of Charge Incubator and their business developers, the 3ack start-up idea was validated, a proof-of-concept was performed and the idea of 3ack as a platform was born. Besides, I had the privilege to pitch 3ack at the demo day of Charge where I met investors and people that were super excited about 3ack and continued to support the project with great enthusiasm.
Charles Emakpor – Founder & CEO @ 3ack

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more.

Kjell-Vidar Åhman Teig

- Innovation Lead

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We can make people want to change through education and communication

To encourage a shift toward a more sustainable lifestyle and culture, it’s crucial to inform and educate people. We must not only give people rational arguments for change, but we also need to move them emotionally. That’s the key to effective communication. We help startups and impact-driven companies drive meaningful progress through strategic and creative service design and innovation. Real change is created by enlightening and educating people, making them want to change themselves.

Kjell-Vidar Åhman Teig, Strategic & Creative Director


AntiLoop – a climate tool for children and youth

AntiLoop is a digital tool designed and developed for children and youth. Using data from IoT sensors placed around and inside schools, students get insight into how daily behavior and activities affect the climate around them.


Yulieta we believe in taking responsibility for our output and its effect on the world. To emphasise this, we started Yulieta as campaign concept to remind us and our clients on taking sustainability seriously, and also use this as a leading start for our brand and products into the future. Through yulieta we want to focus more on sustainability.

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