"We reuse code, components, designs, and ideas wherever possible and appropriate!"

Our sustainability is manifested in consistent adherence to our values. We live as we declare and do not attempt to take shortcuts along the way.

One of our values is openness to the world, and we demonstrate it quite literally. In February 2022, many people needed a place to stay in Lviv for a day or two, and our city couldn’t handle such an influx of refugees. Our office came to the rescue, and colleagues volunteered and served people during that challenging time. We created a coworking spirit and established infrastructure in the office, so we are happy to invite guests whether former colleagues, partners, friends, or family to temporarily use the shared space. The office is available to colleagues on weekends for personal purposes: you can organize a celebration for your family, conduct a photo shoot, or have a group activity like yoga, Pilates, or a tea ceremony—whatever, you name it.

Our Lviv office has been sorting waste for many years, encouraging and supporting all colleagues in doing so, and additionally covering the costs of waste disposal or recycling. In Ukraine, there is currently no requirement to do so, and although there are many initiatives supporting waste sorting, there are no penalties for not doing it. However, we decided that it is essential, so we do it consciously, without external pressure. Our colleagues have the opportunity to bring their plastic to the office and store it in our sorting station.

We also develop our ecological awareness from a broader perspective. What we consume as an office, we buy from local businesses where logistic costs are minimal. Branded souvenirs or gifts must have a utilitarian character, and the team votes for them. We want to demonstrate warmth and care through gifts but avoid contributing to a short consumer cycle: ordered, distributed, enjoyed, discarded. A gift needs to be meaningful and good quality.

We care about process optimization—every six months, we check with the teams whether the established process aligns with current tasks and if there’s a need for fine-tuning. Being efficient is crucial to us—using people’s time wisely and respecting their work. We believe in reusing code, components, designs, and ideas wherever possible and appropriate. Such an approach saves energy and provides space for imagination and free expression of creativity. This approach generates initiatives from colleagues, and many changes in our company are driven by ideas from teams and individual colleagues.

Iryna Nahorna

COO, Tech Team


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