Implementation of sustainability projects

Yulieta. Sustain. Abillity.

At our core

Implementation of tech projects: Specialized services in planning and executing tech-projects centered around environmental sustainability and community welfare.

Consultancy and service design: Strategic and creative advice on crafting and implementing service strategies, ideas and designs that are user-centric and efficient.

Scaling and delivery of projects: Assisting organizations in scaling their operations and delivering tech projects efficiently.

Brand and go-to-market strategies: Consulting and strategic work focusing on visibility, communication, and go-to-market strategies.



Yulieta is a digital agency doing service design, consultancy, scaling, delivery and implementation of projects within sustainability, resource management and communication.

Our working approach takes best from the Design Thinking (puts the needs of the end user at the forefront), Agile (puts rapid delivery of functionality and updates first) and Business Architecture (puts business needs and constraints first)

Each of the methodologies has their advantages and disadvantages, so we are not treating a particular methodology as the ‘silver bullet’. Instead we are building cross-functional teams sufficient enough in the methodologies specified to be able to use the advantages of one in order to cover the disadvantages of another.

We have been working within the citizen communication and education sector since the very beginning, and it naturally shaped our competence and answered our internal need to deliver value, reduce inequality and build better communities.

As a result, our mother company Innocode is providing digital products for citizen communication (Citizen App) and Local media (which are an important part of the community). We don’t stop here and using our competence to design, build and deliver projects for calculating carbon emissions, food waste handling in schools, together with building awareness of these subjects. 

We have extensive knowledge in working with various kinds of public and structured data from sensors, and delivering it in the actionable format. 

What make us tick

Sustainable Impact: Through our customers, partners and employees we strive to make an tangible, positive impact on the environment and community.

Community-Centric Focus: With a strong background in citizen communication and education, we place community needs at the core of its operations. This value reflects our expertise in building better communities through creative and strategic communication strategies.

Innovative Integration: We seamlessly blend various methodologies like Creative Design Thinking, Agile, and Business Architecture. We offer a holistic approach to problem-solving, ensuring both user-centric and business-focused solutions.


AntiLoop – a climate tool for children and youth

AntiLoop is a digital tool designed and developed for children and youth. Using data from IoT sensors placed around and inside schools, students get insight into how daily behavior and activities affect the climate around them.


Yulieta we believe in taking responsibility for our output and its effect on the world. To emphasise this, we started Yulieta as campaign concept to remind us and our clients on taking sustainability seriously, and also use this as a leading start for our brand and products into the future. Through yulieta we want to focus more on sustainability.

Let’s make something amazing together

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