We build sustainability-centered solutions

Making your idea come to life through service design, consultancy, and project implementation.

An initiative by innocode.com


Sustain means to support, and also to nourish and grow.


Together we have the ability to transition from vision to reality.

Yulieta. Sustain. Ability. 

Innocode has more than 20 years of experience in product and development projects. Several projects have been characterised by a passion for creating solutions with sustainable impact. Through Yulieta, we will further emphasise this focus, helping you build digital innovations that truly make a difference.


AntiLoop – a climate tool for children and youth

AntiLoop is a digital tool designed and developed for children and youth. Using data from IoT sensors placed around and inside schools, students get insight into how daily behavior and activities affect the climate around them.


Yulieta we believe in taking responsibility for our output and its effect on the world. To emphasise this, we started Yulieta as campaign concept to remind us and our clients on taking sustainability seriously, and also use this as a leading start for our brand and products into the future. Through yulieta we want to focus more on sustainability.

About Us

What we do

Yulieta is a digital agency doing service design, consultancy, scaling, delivery and implementation of projects within sustainability, resource management and communication.

Yulieta is an initiative by Innocode.com

At Innocode we talk about relevance for the end user in the form of communication and services that create resonance. For our clients in terms of creating revenue. For us, through creating solutions that really matter. And nothing matters more than building a sustainable future.


A faster way to prototyping, testing and building your digital projects.

A faster way to prototyping, testing and building your digital projects.

Traditional custom development projects often have extended development times, and it’s hard to know exactly what you will get before your application is built. And when it’s done, you’ll find that changes and updates are demanding to implement. What if there was an alternative?

We live as we declare

We live as we declare

Our sustainability is manifested in consistent adherence to our values. We live as we declare and...


We are very happy to have Yulieta - by Innocode as our partner in the development and scaling of the tool.

They challenge and help us understand the functionality needs, which ensures that the development is constructive, and aligned with our users “actual” needs. The Innocode team also has an important role when it comes to improving and scaling the tool, and have become a vital extension of our team.

Mads Rønning
CEO Green Producers Club

We can make people want to change through education and communication

To encourage a shift toward a more sustainable lifestyle and culture, it’s crucial to inform and educate people. We must not only give people rational arguments for change, but we also need to move them emotionally. That’s the key to effective communication. We help startups and impact-driven companies drive meaningful progress through strategic and creative service design and innovation. Real change is created by enlightening and educating people, making them want to change themselves.

Kjell-Vidar Åhman Teig, Strategic & Creative Director

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